Root canal treatment

A tooth or molar consists of one or more roots that contain a living nerve. The nerve in the root of teeth can become inflamed and eventually die due to caries (tooth decay), a leaking filling or an accident. Nerve pain often manifests itself in a toothache, for example spontaneous pain or pain when drinking cold or hot or biting. Sometimes the nerve is so inflamed that the pain can only be remedied with a root canal treatment. 

During the root canal treatment, the nerve is removed from the tooth, and the empty space that is created is cleaned well and filled with a special material. The tooth or molar is then provided with a white filling. Sometimes a fiberglass post is also placed in the root that functions as an anchor for the filling. This is all done under anesthesia, so that the patient does not feel anything at all. We have a specialist, an endodontologist, in our practice for root canal treatments.